US Government Still Running Windows XP On 10,000 PCs

Bet you didn’t expect to hear about Windows XP, almost a year after retirement. Microsoft officially pulled the plug off the operating system back in April 2014.

And since then it has worked with partners to upgrade all remaining computers to newer versions of its operating system. However, organizations and enterprises still have a lot of machines still powered by the vintage OS, some one year out.

Including various US government departments.

Speaking at the Cloud Expo 2015, Dawn Leaf, the chief information officer at the Department of Labor confirmed that several agencies are still running Windows XP.

This, despite all efforts to upgrade these PCs to newer operating platforms.

He did not, however, explain why it is taking this long for these 10,000 machines to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and whether the government has initiated a plan to move these agencies to supported operating systems.

Running an outdated OS on government PCs is not exactly a smart thing to do, after all.

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