US Military Windows 10 Deployment Almost Complete

Some good news from the front! One of the most prominent Windows 10 deployments is the one that the US military undertook a few years back. And it’s been a success.

Although the deadline for the upgrade is practically here, the overall migration will take a few more months to complete.

The Pentagon went ahead with the plan of ensuring that most of its systems were running Microsoft’s latest operating system. The transition was announced in November 25, but the Army agreed to delay the original January 2017 target to March 31, 2018.

And that’s all got to do with the complex nature of the process.

For example, the Air Force was required to purchase new systems to hop onto the new OS:

“Windows 10 is not compatible with many systems currently in the Air Force inventory, resulting in the need to replace a significant number of computer hardware.”

Some departments purchased new Windows 10 computers, while others upgraded certain components.

According to the above source, the Air Force bought a total of 500,000 new systems in the past two years in order migrate, while the Navy is also thinking about new purchases and hardware replacements, with a new target to complete the process by June.

Pentagon has set its sight to install Windows 10 on all 4 million of its PCs, with this expansive partnership also coming with a nearly $1 billion agreement with Microsoft to provide technical support.

Systems that are running both unclassified and top-secret information are also included in the upgrade, as are machines that the United States military uses for tactical and strategic mission. Impressive, when you consider just how old some of these systems were.

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