Use of Windows declining in Silicon Valley?

April 14, 2011

Well, at nearly every tech industry event lately I’ve noticed an almost complete shift away from Windows-based computers. Here, take a look at a panoramic photo I shot [yesterday] morning at the VMware Cloud Foundry announcement. This room had only two PCs that I could see. The entire rest of the room was on Macs or iPads. Keep in mind that in this one room was a mixture of marketers, developers, executives, press folks, and hard-core geeks. I noticed this same ratio at TEDx; at Web 2 Expo; at Stanford University events; at Facebook events; and other places. Now, you could say “well, Silicon Valley is just weird and they all buy Apple stuff.” But, note that VMware is run by many former Microsoft executives (I met Charles Fitzgerald in the hallway, who is one of the smartest strategists I’ve ever met, and Mark Lucovsky was on stage [yesterday] morning. You can see him at the front of the room in that panoramic photo behind one of the three VMware Macs. He even joked about his former Microsoft role “I developed DLL hell at Microsoft” he said). But I saw the same shift at LIFT in Geneva, Switzerland and LeWeb in Paris — and while the World Economic Forum had more PCs in the audience than at VMware, there were aton of iPads. A fun read. Read more at Betanews]]>

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