Use Windows Key Shortcuts For Faster Computing Experience On Windows 7

Ever since the introduction of the Windows Key on the first Microsoft Natural Keyboard in 1994 they become hugely popular among the PC users. It not only reduces the use of mouse but also saves a lot of times as well. By using these Windows Key shortcuts you can open the Start menu or in combination with the [Tab] key you can launch the Windows Flip 3D feature which is carousel-like interface for switching between tasks. Apart from these, there are a lot of other really handy, timesaving features that the Windows Key can provide for Windows 7 users to make their computing easier and smoother. In this article we discuss more about Windows Key shortcuts.

Whether you are using Windows Vista or Windows, you won’t get the Run command on the Start menu. However, manually you can add this button to the start menu through the Local Group Policy Editor in Vista. And in Windows 7 you can go to the Customize Start Menu dialog box and then select the Run command check box to execute the job. But why you waste your time and effort? Just press Windows button and R key together. You will get the Run dialog box. For tech support UK you can contact any computer services company.

To access your files and folders you don’t need to go to the desktop and open My Computer or My Documents every time. Press Windows button and E and all the drives are right on your screen. Would you like to bring up the System window? There is the easiest solution for you. A combination of Windows key and Break button will do the job for you.

Do you leave your workstation unlocked when go away from your desk? For both of your computer’s security and data security it is a must to lock your workstation when you leave your desk. This will help you to shield your confidential information from prying eyes. So, every time when you get up from your desk, press Windows button and L Key to lock your computer. And when you want to regain access insert the password.

Are there many applications open and you want to go to the desktop? Well, you don’t need to minimize all the applications to get the desktop. Just press Windows logo key and D together. To minimize all open windows you can also press the combination of Windows logo key and M. and if you want to restore minimized windows to the desktop then press the combination of Windows logo key, Shift and M. apart from these combinations there are also many more Windows Key shortcuts.

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