Users In No Hurry To Install Buggy Windows 10 Version

October 2018 Update

Surprise! The buggiest Windows 10 update Microsoft released in recent memory is also the least successful. This has been revealed in the newest numbers from AdDuplex.

The advertising network shared the latest intelligence gathered from the world of Windows.

And it shows that the April 2018 Update (Version 1803) continues to be the number one version of the operating system with an 80.2% slice of the pie. The recently released October 2018 Update follows behind with just 12.4%.

AdDuplex January 2019

The software titan made this new version available late last year, but pulled it only after a few days after the original launch due to issues potentially causing data loss.

Soon after, a number of other bugs were unearthed in this version of the OS.

As it turns out, all the problems that users experienced with the October 2018 Update convinced others that it is better to just want and not install it right away. That is probably why even with this update available for all devices with a manual check for updates in Windows Update, not many took the risk.

Microsoft followed that by pushing this new version as an automatic download for the first wave of devices this month, but it is clear that people are taking a wait and see approach.

AdDuplex January 2019

What’s worse for Redmond is that the company is close to finalizing the next Windows 10 update, codenamed 19H1, which is on track to arrive in a couple of months. And home users and IT professionals thinking twice before upgrading their devices, this is not a good place to be in terms of fragmentation.

The adoption of the October Update will continue in the coming months.

But what would be interesting is whether it manages to grow at a quick pace before that happens, and whether at all, it is able to overtake the April 2018 Update.

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