Users Now Trust American Tech Companies Less, Says Microsoft

conference in San Francisco, he explained that all technology companies have received similar hits to consumer trusts — and they now have to repair and rebuild this trust with users and other businesses:

“What we’ve seen since last June is a double-digit decline in people’s trust in American tech companies in key places like Brussels and Berlin and Brasilia. This has put trust at risk. The longer we wait or the less we do the worse the problem becomes. We are seeing other governments consider new procurement rules – procurement rules that could effectively freeze out US-based companies.”
Although Microsoft still maintains that it only provided user information based on court orders, it become the first company that asked the United States government to only seek information about data stored on local servers, as opposed to its data centers in other countries. But all things considered, these disputes are harming technology companies, more so in the enterprise sector, and this is an issue that other technology firms have also raised.]]>

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