Users Replacing Edge With Chrome At A Rapid Pace

The browser wars. They’ve been quite one sided for some time now, and things probably won’t change anytime soon, as Edge continued its slow decline this past month.

Meanwhile, Chrome saw another uptick as it closed in on the 60% market share.

These numbers have been revealed by NetMarketShare, which confirm that the market share for the newest web browser from Microsoft is pretty much collapsing. It fell from 5.15% to 4.58% last month, where previously it declined from 5.66%.

Meaning, in two months Edge has lost 1.08% market share.

NetMarketShare Browser November 2017

Google Chrome is currently listed at 59.84%, an increase from 59.61% the month before. And if it maintains this same trend, it should cross the 60% market share mark probably in November, which is saying a lot.

Worrying thing for Microsoft is that it has started to lose market share just when it emphasized its focus on the web browser.

The company brought Edge to iOS and Android devices in October, in order to help provide users with a seamless experience on PCs and mobile. However, it appears that this could well be a case of too little, too late — unless things change for the better this month.

We shall see.

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