Users Rip Into Windows 8 On Official Microsoft Support Forums

Windows 8 is slowly finding its place on computers the world over, and as expected, comments from angry users are also finding their place on websites, message boards, forums, blogs and other such community channels.

Even Microsoft’s official support forums are not immune to these remarks:

“My elderly parents bought a new computer with Windows 8 pre-loaded and they’re about to throw it out their Window 1.0. They hate it. They hate it and are furious with me for even suggesting they get a newer, faster computer.”

Whoa! This second user however manages to keep the shirt on:

“I don’t know why MS managed to release this without some kind of middle road. I don’t know why you don’t like Windows 7 for me it’s perfect unless you have programs that don’t work well with Win 7. I hope MS will go back to the classic Windows system with Win 9 because I keep hearing rumors that they are going with the new Start Menu style and eventually phase out the desktop?? That’s ridiculous”.

This I can agree with, since Windows 8 is such a radical change when it comes to the user interface. Keep the Metro interface as default, but how about giving (desktop and laptop) users an opportunity to switch back to what made Windows 7 such a success?

Basically, let users take things at their own pace, at least for this first phase.

For desktop users, this total overhaul could probably have been better left for the next version of Windows. Let them taste it first, and then give them a refined option in a future release.

Set the Metro design philosophy (and the Start Screen) aside for one minute, and you will find that there are more than enough improvements in Windows 8 from its predecessors — small things at every corner that you will only notice once you use the new OS for an extended period of time.

Microsoft representatives are yet to respond to the messages, but at least, the company is open and not blocking the discussion completely — a fair few would probably have hit the delete button up by now.

But with the plethora of new Windows 8 devices slated for release this year, a lot of users like the ones above could be in for quite a reckoning.

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