Users Still Reluctant To Abandon Windows XP

Windows XP is fast becoming the operating system Microsoft loves to hate. The Redmond technology company has already announced that it will be ending support for Windows XP in April 2014.

But users are not yet ready to abandon the 11-year-old OS. No way near ready.

And business users in particular are not willing to make the jump to a newer version of Windows, be it Windows 7 or Windows 8, even though Microsoft has already kick started its campaign to convince them to do otherwise.

According to a UK-based enterprise migration firm, Camwood, only a few users are ready to plan migration to newer versions of Windows. In fact, when it comes to businesses, only 20 percent have expressed desires to make the switch.

Ed Shepley, a solution architect at Camwood said in an interview with InformationWeek:

“Among our own client base, only around 15-20% of businesses are looking at migration so far.

For some the issue hasn’t hit home yet. Others think they still have time, but 2014 will come round all too quickly and they shouldn’t underestimate all that’s involved.”

Of course, the theory of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may have a bit of a say here, but then again, businesses have to take a myriad of things under consideration when upgrading.

And this sticking to Windows XP bit is ultimately having quite an effect on the Windows 8 platform as a whole, and its pace of growth in particular.

Even the latest figures provided by Net Applications show that XP remains a choice of many users still, the world over. It is currently the second most popular operating system out there with a market share of 39.08 percent, not all that far from Windows 7 and its share of 45.15 percent.

Still the countdown has begun — and less than 500 days of Windows XP extended support remain.

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