Users Still Reporting Windows 7 BSODs After New Patch

post on the official Microsoft Community forums says it all:

“Can you believe this?! I installed patch KB2993651 today, allegedly fixing the problem. Yet, lo and behold, upon reboot, my Windows just hang! Totally dead (with no disk activity of any kind). Had to reset machine four times to finally get it to start again, and now I’m scared to reboot again.”
This is, obviously, just one user. But on the flipside there are reports that this new release actually does solve many of the issues that were reported earlier, at least on Windows 7. Microsoft have confirmed that some niggles do exist with this new update, including errors that block the boot up process. Luckily, this issue only affects a much more limited number of computers. Nevertheless, the company still maintains that everyone should uninstall the old patch. Not mandatory, of course, but the old version has the potential to cause problems with system stability now or in the future. Better be safe than sorry, wise voices say.]]>

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