Most of us don’t realize that we actually use cloud computing regularly; you’re probably using this very minute without even knowing.

If you use an email service provider, an online service for document editing, if you listen to music or watch TV over the internet, play internet-based games, use online storage for files, photos or music, then there is a good chance that cloud computing is running it all for you.

It is barely 10 years since the very first cloud computing services came into being but already we are seeing vast numbers of businesses, from the very smallest to the global biggies, even non-profits and government agencies, using the technology in one way or another.

So, what can we do with cloud computing?

Apps and Services

We can quickly and easily create and deploy all kinds of applications – mobile, web, and API – on just about any platform. The resources required to meet performance objectives, along with security and compliance, are all available at the press of a button.


Reduce the time and the cost of developing and testing applications by making use of the cloud infrastructures that can be scaled easily to your requirements.


Better and more cost-efficient data protection on a huge scale; your data can be transferred via the internet to cloud storage that is offsite but easily accessible from any device and any geographic location. Your data can also be backed up and recovered easily.

Data Analysis

Your data can be unified across any team, location or division in the cloud. You can then make use of the cloud services on offer, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to analyze that data to make better and more informed business decisions.

Audio and Video Streaming

You can connect to your audience any time and anywhere on any device that has high-definition audio and video with truly global distribution abilities.


Make use of intelligent models to gain insight from captured data and engage better with your customers.


The ability to deliver software on demand allows for the most up to date versions of software to be delivered easily and kept fully up to date for all customers, at any time and anywhere.