Using SkyDrive from within new Windows 8 Metro style apps

  • Enabling Signins
  • Access to user files
  • Microsoft are now bringing cloud based identity as a constant to web development. They are making the users credentials and their “baggage” accessible to developers who are building apps for Windows 8. Developers now have access to the user’s content in the Live cloud using industry standard protocols such as OAuth for authentication & authorization, JSON as payloads for the data returned when accessing SkyDrive and Hotmail, and XMPP for interoperability with Windows Live Messenger. In addition, developers can use the Live SDK for Windows 8 Developer Preview to develop on WinRT. This also has integration into Visual Studio 11 Express. After the first time a user connects to a developer application with their Windows Live ID, the user will always have a seamless single sign-on experience from any Windows 8 PC where they are signed in with a Windows Live ID. The same extends to websites, where they get a single sign-on experience if they are signed in to their PC with a Windows Live ID or signed in to any site that supports Windows Live ID, such as Hotmail or SkyDrive. He goes on to stress that these are OPTIONAL development tools, they don’t have to be used in every or ANY case. They provide a few samples of code. Go here to check out the full article, it’s good stuff. Slow and steady seems to be the development path for Microsoft on this one. I hope this pays off..]]>

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