Using the Camera App in Windows 8

All It Takes is a Tap Once the formality of giving permission completes, the app immediately gets back to its business. You are presented with the live feed of your webcam. Here, I will use my favorite Nokia N9 to demonstrate the abilities of Camera app. To click a photo, simply tap (or click) on the screen. The app will save the photo, and will keep showing the feed.

Camera Options

The app provides several settings that you can configure. Click “Camera Options”. You can change the photo resolution. Two options are available – 0.1 MP and 0.3 MP. Also, you can select an input audio device of your choice, which will be used in the video recording. Click on “More” link to get to more options. Here, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the camera. Also, you can change the frequency of video recording.

Video Recording

In order to record a video, you need to turn on the video mode. Click on “Video Mode” option available on the main screen of the app. Now, if you click on the screen, it will start recording video, instead of taking a photo. You can see the time elapsed on the bottom-right corner of the screen. To stop the recording, simply click again on the screen.


You can turn on timer if you want to set up a delayed snap. The timer adds a 3-second delay before clicking a photo or starting a recording. Click on “Timer” option to turn on the timer. Why we can’t configure the timer delay is beyond me. At times, it seems that Microsoft hasn’t given a good attention to tap the potential of this app.

View Photos and Videos

Whatever photos or videos you just created can be accessed directly from the app. Bring you cursor to the left edge of the screen. Click on the arrow button that appears on the edge. This will start the browsing of your photos and videos. You can access these files from Windows Explorer, too. Camera app stores them in the following location. %USERPROFILE%My PicturesCamera Roll

Sharing Your Moments

Usually you want to share the photos that you click. Camera app utilizes the Share Charm in order to provide you that service. To share the photo of my N9 to my Twitter contacts, I have used the Tweetro app, a Twitter client, from the list of apps provided by the Share Charm.]]>

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