Using the E-Mail application in Windows 8

  • Launch the Mail app from the Start Screen.
  • Summon the Settings Charm to add a mail account through Charms Bar, or pressing “Win+I” key combo.
  • Click on “Add an Account”. It will list the service providers that Mail app currently supports.
    • Select a mail service whose account you want to add. The app will then ask you to enter the credentials of the selected service.
    • Enter the credentials, and hit “Connect”.
    If the credentials are authenticated successfully, then Mail app fetches the mail folders of your account, as well as mails from some past days. After you have set up mail account(s), you can write a mail in two ways.

    Compose a Mail through Mail App

    • Locate a button with a “+” symbol on the main screen of the app. Click it to open mail composer window.
    In this page,
    • Add the recipients
    • Set the account from which you want to send the mail
    • Set the priority of the mail
    • Add any attachment
    • Write the topic and body of the mail.
    Click on the send button to send the mail. You may also save it in drafts if you want to send it later. Click on the button marked with “X” to save in drafts, or delete the mail.

    Compose Mail through Windows Explorer

    If you want to mail a document, you can do it directly from Windows Explorer.
    • Select the file that you want to send in the mail.
    • Go to Ribbon bar > Share Tab > Mail
    OR Right-click the file > Send to > Mail Recipient Either of the ways will launch the new mail composer windows of the default mail client, which is Mail app in this case. The new mail will already have the document attached.
    • So, simply
    • Set the mail account from which you want to send the mail
    • Enter the recipients
    • Enter the topic and the body of the mail
    • Hit Send.

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