ValueAct Promises Not To Disrupt Microsoft’s Long-Term Strategy

ValueAct Capital has become one of the top 20 Microsoft shareholders, after it was revealed that the hedge-fund now controls around 67.2 million shares — slightly than 1 percent of the technology titan.

As is usually the case with investments this large ($2 billion), rumors started swirling that ValueAct may want to put a new CEO in charge at Microsoft — or at least, rally around other stakeholders and try to get rid of CEO Steve Ballmer.

But ValueAct has confirmed that it has no plans to get involved in Microsoft’s business, and it will stay away from the technology giant’s long-term strategy.

Sane thinking, it must be said.

According to this Reuters report, ValueAct CEO Jeffrey Ubben did admit in a statement that his company may jump in and provide help to Microsoft executives in case something goes wrong. No specifics on how they will provide assistance when something is awry, but it sure does sound reassuring.

He also emphasized that Microsoft should put its focus on enhancing its cloud-based services, along with improvements to the Office suite of productivity software.

Saner advice, it must be said.

If anything Ubben reiterated his desire to see Microsoft’s Office suite expand beyond Windows and arrive as native apps for platforms like iOS, Android and Linux.

But more importantly, we can lay rest to any speculation that things are about to shuffle at the very top of Microsoft. The technology titan obviously has a definite plan for the future, and it appears that internal forces, at least, are not going to tamper or interfere with company’s strategy.

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