Vendors Ready To Showcase 64-Bit Smartphone Mobile Processors At CES 2014

The times they are a-changin’. Mobile is currently where all the fun in technology is at, and the involved parties are just starting to heat things up to another level on the processors front.

Next month could see a whole bunch of 64-bit smartphone processors being showcased at one of the most high-profile events of the years — chip makers are expected to bring along their latest creations and show them off at the Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2014 is set for January 7 to 10 in Las Vegas.

And as this report suggests Qualcomm will showcase the Snapdragon 410, a 64-bit chip that it has already announced at the event. The midrange chip is expected to start sampling in the first half of next year, with products powered by it on track for release later in the year.

Nvidia is also on track to initiate volume production of its 64-bit chipsets for mobile devices in the same time frame, and when you throw in Marvell and Broadcom, the stakes only escalates.

Considering both Microsoft and Nokia have close ties with Qualcomm and Nvidia, these new chips could soon be powering Windows Phone handsets.

While traditionally Redmond is not exactly known to jump into a specifications race, but if the 64-bit thing catches up (and it just may, even if the full potential of these processors remain unrealized for the immediate future) there is no sense in getting left behind.

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