Version 1.13a Of Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Released

While the industry is still wondering when (or if) Microsoft will be patch the jailbreak exploit on Windows RT, the tool itself has seen a new version released just now.

The jailbreak allows users to run unsigned code on all Windows RT tablets, including Surface RT.

And it is now at version 1.13a, which while only bring minor tweaks in terms of features, the earlier version (1.12a) is more important as it comes with the ability that makes the jailbreak possible even after applying new updates that Microsoft releases as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle.

Developer Netham45 talked about the tool on the XDA-Developers forum saying that the latest version includes the ability to return from the hook in a way that seems more robust. Okay.

Not just that, it also brings the ability to dynamically get the signing level. The tool now requires Internet access on the first launch, and after an update changes the file ntoskrnl.exe.

All said and done, software developers that are currently involved with the project continues to grow, as does the list of famous applications being ported to Windows RT — Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Thunderbird, OpenVPN, Rainmeter even the good old game Quake.

But seeing how Surface Pro is the main priority for Redmond right now, the jailbreak issue has quite rightly taken a bit of a backseat.

This, and well, upsetting potential Surface RT buyers would be the last thing on Microsoft’s mind considering how he sales are currently going for its budget tablet.

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