Viber Could Soon Bring VOIP Feature To Windows Phone

Viber is one of the more popular Windows Phone apps, and the company behind it appears set to make it even more appealing by bringing VOIP functionality to Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

The company responding to user inquiries about the availability of the VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) feature confirmed on Twitter that the feature was coming soon. The company however stopped shy of providing a specific release date.

In fact, as WPCentral already confirmed the company even promised the highly anticipated feature on the app’s Windows Phone Store page:

“* VOICE COMING SOON: We promise that as soon as the full version is ready, we will make it available so will be able to use Viber for Windows phone to also make free calls to any other Viber user, anywhere in the world.”

As of right now, the Viber Messenger is available on Windows Phone official app store. Version 2.10 comes with support for the texting feature — offering people the ability to chat with Viber users that are on other mobile platforms for free using an Internet connection.

Judging by the comment and rating of the app, voice (and even video) functionality is without doubt the most demanded feature. Only a matter of time, then, before it becomes available.

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