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Is This Video Our First Look At Microsoft’s Cortana Voice Assistant?

report suggested, Redmond has some grand plans for the voice assistant. But now a blurry little video has floated up, courtesy of WPLeaks. It shows Cortana (probably just a codename for now) voice assistant in action. Nothing much to go by, but it sure does provide some insights into what is in store when this feature launches later in the year. Take a look at the video below: Cortana is used to find directions with the help of HERE Maps from Nokia. The mapping service itself seems to be a new version that is yet to be publicly released. But the voice assistant integrates nicely with the maps application. And the same might be true for all other areas of the mobile operating system, one would hope. Microsoft seems to be intent on developing a strong competitor to Apple Siri and Google Now, and the Cortana voice assistant looks set to deliver on this promise. It just might also bring along some revolutionary new features, in due time. For now, take a look at this short clip above, and let us know what you think of it. And as always, file this as a rumor for now. It is either very legit, or a very elaborate hoax.]]>

Written by Elaine Lee


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