Video: Skype’s New London Office

Microsoft has recently expanded its Skype division with a brand new office for its Skype team in London. And the company is taking the opportunity to show every one why it is constantly ranks as one of the best places to work for in the world.

No word yet on the specific role of the employees in this new office, but apparently the new workplace includes staff comprising of coders, engineers, administrators, marketers, analysts as well as higher management — a pretty imposing gathering off workers.

The Skype team detailed the opening in a blog post on its official website:

“This office has been designed specifically for Skype and even has the Skype experience built in. Over three floors, in a landmark neo-gothic building, the spaces cluster around a series of hubs. The first and most central of these is called the Chill, where everyone can meet, eat, and reinvent the wheel. The giant screens there allow everyone in the building to share a Skype call with people in Skype offices across the globe.”

Sounds pretty exciting just by reading about it, but you can even feast your eyes in the video below:

As one would expect plenty of chocolate in a candy factory, every single room in Skype’s new office is fitted with screens and cameras allowing both visitors and employees the ability to make calls with minimum effort.

The VoIP platform is set to gain millions upon millions of new users later this month once the Windows Live Messenger service goes dark. The inauguration of Skype’s new office in London could not have been timed better.

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