VirtualBox 7.0.0 here with full Windows 11 support

October 11, 2022

Virtual power! There are a number of good virtualization tools to choose from these days, but one of the best ones around comes from the folks over at Oracle, and goes by as VirtualBox.

The company has been regularly updating its solution to make sure it plays nicely with Windows 11.

And a new refresh has just landed.

VirtualBox 7.0.0 is now in town, and is the norm, this latest release is available for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS as well as Oracle’s own Solaris. Meaning, you get solid support for a wide range of host and guest operating systems.

Previously only available as a beta release, this final version is about more than simply adding full Windows 11 support. You also get a range of new options for cloud-based virtual machines, to go with improved security and much more.

Speaking of, a new addition on the security front now makes it possible to fully encrypt virtual machines.

Oracle has made a number of changes and improvements to audio, like switching to Vorbis, with the company also introducing numerous updates to the user interface of the program, which admittedly was one area that could use a bit of work.

There is a handy new utility that lets you monitor the performance and resource usage of guest OSes. Other notable features include DirectX 11 based 3D support and the ability to run a virtual machine in session 0, unlike before where you had to log into your profile.

So, all in all, a lot to go around, as you can explore more in the accompanying changelog that lists these new features as well as fixes and other improvements.

You can download VirtualBox 7 for free from its official website below.

Download: VirtualBox 7.0.0

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