Visual Studio Blue coming to a download near you soon

In the never ending quest to label all things BLUE in 2013, the rumor on the street is that a Blue version of Visual Studio is coming as well.

Our news culprit this time is Mary Jo Foley who speculates that this version of Visual Studio will be optimized for integrating Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Here’s some of the stuff she’s saying about VS Blue:

So far, there hasn’t been a leak of “Visual Studio Blue,” but this is believed to be coming this year. The VS Blue release supposedly will support Microsoft’s work to bring more into alignment the app platforms for Windows Phone and Windows 8, from what I’ve heard from my sources.

…”The holy grail is to fire up Visual Studio, create a single app in any language you want that works on both platforms, with UI and functionality that adapts to the form factor and features of the device, and with one click submit to a unified store,” one of my sources said.

But Microsoft is still years away from achieving something even close to that perfect world. The goal with the Windows Blue and Windows Phone Blue releases is to remove some of the more obvious seams between the different platforms and give Microsoft a more appealing, unified dev story.

Yet another tool to look out for in the Blue family coming (maybe) this summer.

Stay tuned…

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