Vizio jump into the Windows 8 Tablet market

Vizio is jumping into the portable market once again with an 11.6-inch Tablet PC with Windows 8.

The device features a slimline design with a 1080p HD display, AMD’s Z60 dual-core 1GHz processor, 64GB of SSD storage, and 2GB of RAM.

Vizio’s new 11.6-inch tablet is based on a complete version of Windows 8 making it capable of running full desktop apps and even HD games.

Vizio’s tablet will sport HDMI output, a micro USB port, 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi, and a built-in 2 megapixel camera. In terms of portability, it measures at just 0.4-inches thick and weighs 1.66 pounds.

Vizio says the tablet will ship to retailers in the spring.

No price given yet…

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