VIZIO Launches Four Sleek New Windows 8 Laptops

It appears that hardware vendors are slowly waking up from their slumber, and finally bringing out some new hardware models. One can almost hear Microsoft sigh a breath of relief.

Better new hardware, is one of the biggest driver of sales. Not many will be tempted to buy or invest in the same stale technology that has already been available for years. And besides, Microsoft’s newest platform practically demands quite some innovation from hardware vendors.

VIZIO, seemingly is all in for light and thin. The company has just made official four new Windows 8 laptops. And two of the introduced models sport a 14-inch diagonal display size, while other two measure 15.6-inch.

These ultrabooks feature touchscreens and very thin form for factors — all four are marketed under the company’s Touch Thin + Light brand.

The 14-inch model (CT14T-B0) houses an AMD A10 APU, while its cousin (CT14T-B1) is powered by an Intel Core i7. They are priced at $1,090 and $1,420 respectively.

Users get the same processor options in the 15.6-inch models, but their high price stems from the increased display size. The first one (CT15T-B0) carries a price tag of $1,190 and the other (CT15T-B1) can be had for $1,470.

Expensive, yes, but well worth it for technology enthusiasts, I say.

Out of these four, only one (the 15.6 inch CT15T-B1) is already up for grabs at both and the official VIZIO website. The remaining three are said to arrive very soon.

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