VLC Developer Is Not A Fan Of Windows RT

Not at all, it seems. In fact, the guy had some choice words for the RT platform not so long ago.

Then again, coding for new platforms is never easy, even if it has Windows in its name. You may recall many developers voicing their concerns when Sony released the PlayStation 3. It was an entirely new architecture back then, and very hard to code for.

Besides, as hard as efficient programming is, the process gets even rougher for something like a media player and the myriad of codecs it requires.

Anyway, you may already be aware that the VLC project for Windows 8 recently achieved its Kickstarter goal (as explained by Andrew here). The developers are also planning to bring it popular media player to Windows RT, but apparently some members of the team believe such a project to be a waste of time.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, one of the lead developers of the VideoLAN team badmouthed the Windows RT platform, with a view that creating an app for the ARM tablet version of Windows 8 is only worth it if developers got paid. Hence the need for a Kickstarter project:

“As you might have guessed, one of the reasons of the Kickstarter is also that we don’t want to spend too much of our free time to support this **** platform. Free time is for fun stuff, and Windows RT is probably not fun.

But if paid, we can use this occasion to improve VLC even further. Kickstarter would help not waste our free time on WinRT. If the Kickstarter fails, we probably will drop the platform, though.”

It did not fail, however, and as funds poured in for the Kickstarter project, he modified his comments to a more reasonable level of language. Nevertheless, it seems that the Windows RT architecture is a difficult one to develop for and involves a lot of work.

Anyway, all seems to be quiet on the VLC front now, and the Windows 8 version of VLC Player is scheduled to debut within three months. Windows RT and Windows Phone versions of the media player application are also set for release later this year.

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