VLC For Windows Phone Finally Available For Download

A surprise for this bright new year? We’ll take it. VLC for Windows Phone has finally landed on the platform, and can now be download on all handsets powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

It has been quite some journey too — filled with intrigues.

And well, delays, mostly.

But this popular multimedia app actually saw daylight in beta form around one month back, though only a few users got a chance to try it out. Apparently they did not report too many bugs, and the development continued at a brisk enough pace over the past few weeks.

The result is that while the application is still listed as in beta development stage, you can find it on the Windows Phone Store, ready and raring to be downloaded.

However, don’t be surprised if you encounter any bugs and minor issues, if you do.

As the developers note, this is the first port of the application to the Windows Phone platform, and although it offers a similar look as several other versions of the app, VLC for Windows Phone does not actually provide too many options or configuration settings. Understandable.

It automatically scans your phone for multimedia content and detects audio and video files that are stored on your device or its microSD card.

Want to grab it?

Here it is on the Windows Phone Store: VLC for Windows Phone

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