VLC Mobile Remote Launches On The Windows Phone Store

port of the popular media player is currently in development. But before that, a new application has been made available for download — one that makes it easier for smartphone users to control the PC version of the media player. Obviously, multimedia enthusiasts, music and video lovers, who own a Windows Phone handset will be most pleased with this application. It provides them with the ability the music track or pause, forward or rewind a movie without using a computer to change things. It essentially turns their Windows Phone handset into a VLC Media Player remote control. Users can play, pause and stop a track, control volume, move to next or previous tracks using the app. They also get a seek control, and options to fast forward and fast rewind. Plus, they can manage subtitles, adjust playback speed, and use playlists. An option to apply themes to customize the application rounds out a very capable application. VLC Mobile Remote for Windows Phone is available here, and is fully compatible with all devices that are powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows Phone 8 and up. And yes, Windows Phone 8.1 users can also dive right in.]]>

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