VLC player coming to Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone 8

The first important news is that a port of VLC to Windows Phone 8 appears to be easier than expected. While the roadmap is about Windows 8 for Intel followed by a version for Windows RT, it appears to be feasible to publish another version with a specific interface for Windows Phone shortly after, since the WP8 APIs are way more similar to Windows 8 than WP7 ones. Basically, they originally weren’t planning on bringing VLC to Windows Phone 8 but have found that the two operating systems are very similar and that porting isn’t exactly as hard as they previously believed. The team behind VLC also says that Microsoft has chimed in that they are interested in helping and are willing to collaborate by supporting in non-financial matters such as hardware, technical and design help. In other words, Windows Phone 8 is getting released (eventually) alongside Windows 8 and Windows RT. That’s not the big takeaway here, though. The big takeaway, at least in my opinion, is that Windows 8 is really going to spark app development for Windows Phone 8 as time passes. With the tablet and PC nature of Windows 8, there is a huge customer base for Start UI apps going forward. As developers start to move into this territory, Microsoft has a huge opportunity here. By rising up and offering to help developers (like it did with VLC), Microsoft can really win developers over while also showing just how little work is needed to move a Windows 8 app over to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft’s vision of a unified future between all its platforms might seem a little crazy and complicated right now, but it is all starting to come together I’d say. What do you think of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 so far? [ source ]]]>

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