Vodafone Gearing Up To Launch Five Windows Phone 8 Devices

And you will not even have to wait up for them. The UK telecommunication giant has just confirmed the availability of a bunch of Windows Phone 8 smartphones up for grabs come February 6.

Vodafone UK had earlier announced its support for Microsoft’s mobile OS platform, just as Nokia’s exclusivity arrangement in the United Kingdom was coming to an end. With exclusivity now a thing of the past, the company has announced a full platter of WP8 devices.

In an official blog post, the company invites subscribers to come get some. In other words, choose a Windows Phone 8 smartphone at any price point they want.

The carrier is set to carry almost all major Windows Phone 8 devices, from the HTC 8X and 8S to the range of Nokia Lumia smartphone, from the high-end 920 to mid-range 820 and even the latest 620 for the budget-conscious consumers.

In fact, the only device missing from the list is Samsung ATIV S.

With this Vodafone is set to take the battle to its rivals like Three, O2, and EE, all of which are already enjoying good success by carrying Windows Phone 8 handsets from Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

Vodafone has not yet revealed what plans it is offering, and how they compare to competition.

But there is no doubt that this announcement and availability will pave way for greater adaption of Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the United Kingdom — a market where Microsoft’s mobile platform has already made some impressive strides this past year.

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