VPN May Not Be Coming To Windows Phone 8 In 2013

Redmond has taken several important strides for its mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, in recent months, and the result is that the platform has finally gathered some necessary traction.

But one critical area that Windows Phone is still lacking is VPN — virtual private networking.

The upcoming update to Windows Phone 8, titled GDR2, is said to bring a number of features to the platform, but if you were keeping an eye out for VPN support, then prepare to be left disappointed. It is not official yet, but as this is as close as it gets.

Mary Jo Foley has an impeccable record with Windows rumors, no doubt helped by her close contacts within the software titan, and her tendency to not say anything about future products, unless she is absolutely sure.

And absolutely sure she seems when she says on the Windows Weekly talk show that a VPN feature for Windows Phone 8 is not looking good for arrival in 2013. Here take a look at it yourself:

She explains the rumor at the 1:42:30 mark, but on the flipside, Mary also mentions that the anticipated Nokia EOS phone is set for arrival sometimes this summer. There is fair chance that the Finnish company may introduce this phone on AT&T in the United States.

While this may not seem too big an issue for most end consumers, the lack of a VPN feature is a killjoy for business users. And this makes Windows Phone devices a bit of a tough sell for corporate users, as most enterprises deem this a critical feature for using smartphones in the workplace.

So then, what are your feelings about this news? Sure, it is just a rumor for now, but then again this is not something that Microsoft has announced that it plans to add to Windows Phone 8. Maybe it will arrive with Windows Phone Blue in 2014, who knows? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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