Wal-Mart Starts Selling Surface Tablets

Microsoft is actively trying to clear inventories of its Surface slates in order to get ready for the second generation Surface RT and Surface Pro units that are projected to be unveiled later in the year.

Now news is that Wal-Mart has just started selling Surface slates across the United States.

A report over at WPCentral says that both the Surface RT and Surface Pro units can be found at Wal-Mart, with the former being available for purchase at the discount price Microsoft so very recently made official. However, it appears that stocks are rather limited.

Pricing starts at $349 for the RT version of the tablet with 32GB of storage capacity. Touch Cover is obviously not included in this price. The Surface Pro is available at $899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB variant.

Keyboards are running for $129 for the Type Cover and $119 for the Touch Cover.

As mentioned above, supplies, it seems are limited. So if you want to take a look at the tablet at your local Wal-Mart location, then now is the time.

While it is nice to see Surface tablets continue to expand retail availability, and gain more exposure, throwing in the Touch and Type Covers at discounted prices would just have sweetened the deal even further. Maybe $399 for the RT with a Touch Cover, or $420 with a Type Cover?

Then again, considering the situation Microsoft is in, it knows better than to make things difficult for many of its partners. When you take this into account, the prices start making a bit more sense.

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