Watch A Surface Pro Powered By Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a fully fledged computer running Windows 8 Pro, no two words about it. And like any computer worth its weight in chips, the Surface Pro plays nice with other operating systems, including Linux distributions and even Apple’s very own Max OS X.

As we noted upon release, it was only a matter of time before YouTube videos showed up showing alternate operating systems running on Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet.

It did not take long at all for cold, hard proof to surface. Well, about as cold and hard it gets on YouTube, anyway. The video below shows that deploying Mountain Lion on a Surface Pro is very much possible.

No guarantees yet, but see and decide for yourself:

Now some may question the authenticity of the video saying it could very well be a remote desktop connection to an iMac, just running on full screen, but the uploaded did mention on the video page that the Wi-Fi driver apparently does not yet work in OS X. Indication enough that this clip above is legit?

At the end of the day, running any other operating system on a Surface Pro is very much possible, even the Surface team confirmed in an AMA session on Reddit last week.

All it takes is entering the BIOS and disabling the Secure Boot option — the only thing that could block the deployment of other operating systems. But it seems Microsoft has taken the smart route this time around, and openness like this could only point to a good future for its premier tablet.

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