Watch Microsoft’s Two New Emotion Heavy Videos For Skype

Skype is not becoming a key product for Microsoft, it already is. The popular VoIP and communication platform is firmly and squarely taking center stage not just in Windows and Windows Phone but several other products from the company.

It comes as no surprise then that Microsoft regularly releases new advertising campaigns to highlight the world’s number one VoIP platform.

These latest videos are part of its “Stay Together” campaign, and this new campaign is created with the help of ad agency Pereira & O’Dell and shows everyone that Skype could easily be used to keep families in touch using just a simple Internet connection.

You can take a look at the two videos at the link above.

According to latest rumors Skype is soon to become the default messaging client in Windows. The first sign of this is that the newly released Windows 8.1 Preview does not come with a messaging app similar to the dedicated one that was offered with Windows 8.

Word is that the RTM version of the operating system will be delivered with a preinstalled version of Skype that will allow users to call contacts straight from the Metro UI using their Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft talked extensively about Skype at this year’s BUILD developer conference, and the Skype team itself shared a future roadmap about their vision for the VoIP service.

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