Watch Panos Panay Talk About The Surface Duo

August 13, 2020
Panos Panay Surface Duo

For 35 minutes, no less. Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo yesterday. But a day before, on Tuesday, August 11, the company held a press-only product brief for the dual-screen smartphone.

You know, to drum up some media interest before making the device official in public the following day.

The company has just published that product briefing on the Surface YouTube channel, offering Surface fans what is a closed-door peek at what was shared with the media before the anticipated Android device was revealed in front of the world.

See for yourself:

In this rather long video, Surface boss Panos Panay is at hand to talk about his vision for the device, and how the product itself was built. We also get some in-depth demos of how the two screens of the Duo work in productivity and casual scenarios.

And, of course, plenty of details regarding the design and engineering of this newest member of the Surface family.

We also hear from Shilpa Ranganathan, who serves as the Corporate Vice President, Mobile & Cross-device Experiences at Microsoft.

She talks about how the availability of the core Microsoft 365 apps on the Duo help enhance the productivity of the Android machine. She then dives deeper into how exactly the phone plugs in with Windows 10, and how it is possible to access the two screens through an app on the OS.

The video ends with a technical segment about the design and engineering that went into the Duo.

Pretty comprehensive stuff.

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