We Could See The Windows 8 Criticism Coming, Says Microsoft

Windows 8 remains one of the more divisive products to come out of Redmond, but this was not entirely unexpected for Microsoft. In fact, the company could see the criticism coming from miles out.

The reason for this was that Redmond made so many changes in Windows 8 that it was evident that some users (experienced or otherwise) may encounter a steep learning curve, and even difficulties wen exploring these changes.

Julie Larson-Green, the Windows chief acknowledged this during the WIRED Business Conference, where she not only confirmed the upcoming Windows Blue upgrade, but also the intense criticism the original Windows 8 received since its release in October 2012.

According to WinSuperSite.com, Julie said in a press conference:

“Whenever you make a change to Windows, there is always someone who has an opinion, either positive or negative. So we knew there was going to be controversy around some of the things that we did. Even in Windows 7, we made small changes to the Start menu and taskbar and we have heard a lot about those changes even though they were relatively minor.”

Larson-Green emphasized once again that the software titan was open to customer feedback, saying that Microsoft’s staff is now reading every single comment, every little detail about Windows 8 that reaches the web:

“We knew when we made a change as big as Windows 8 that we were going to hear a broad spectrum. In fact we had tested Windows 8 before we shipped for 1.2 billion user hours all over the world. And so I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t heard, before we shipped, since we shipped, and we’ve been following very closely, we get millions and millions of customer feedback every day”.

Microsoft is all set to repair some of these problems and issues reported in Windows 8 with the upcoming Windows Blue upgrade, set for release later this year in August or September.

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