We Have Just 14% Share Of The Devices Market, Confirms Microsoft

revealed by Gartner a few days back, but nothing illustrates this batter than this slide: wpc_2014_slide_devices However, Microsoft is taking this as an opportunity, a challenge. Turner told the audience of partners that this new reality means the company has to move in with a new mindset. Instead of a ‘protect and preserve’ attitude, Redmond has now embraced a ‘challenger’ outlook. And this is what they need to do to mount up a firm challenge: wpc_2014_slide_mindset wpc_2014_slide_challenger Microsoft have got the speed thing right — it is perhaps the most essential part of growth. And although the company has been guilty of sluggishness in the past, it seems to be aware that moving fast is the need of the hour right now. Bold ideas from Microsoft, no doubt, but time will, undoubtedly, be the ultimate judge.]]>

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