WebGL Support In Internet Explorer 11 Hinted By Microsoft In New Video

It was not so long ago that Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft’s in-house browser was at the forefront of latest web technologies. In short, it was driving innovation with each new version.

And while newer versions of IE are still perfectly capable, they have been overtaken by rivals when it comes to integration of these web technologies. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have been helped by their quicker update cycle in this regard.

But word is strong that the upcoming Internet Explorer 11, set to debut with Windows 8.1 is very likely to offer support for a number of these technologies.

The foremost of which is WebGL — a technology that was first revealed by web developer Francois Remy when he looked into a leaked build of Windows Blue in detail and saw some files that could be used to integrate the WebGL features in Microsoft’s upcoming browser.

And now the software titan has published a new Vine video on “The Browser You Love To Hate” page which indicates that WebGL could very well be supported in Internet Explorer in the near future.

You can take a look at the video here, though it does not reveal any specifics.

Internet Explorer 11 is expected to see daylight later this year together with Windows 8.1, which is the first major upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system.

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