Week In Review (Apr 29 – May 3)

Another week draws to a close for Microsoft, this one particularly filled with rumors and speculations. Windows Blue builds found their way to the Internet, analysts found their way to media outlets, and the classic old Hotmail found its way to retirement.

A look at five major stories of these past five days:

Shutdown of the Week

Microsoft had already started streamlining its communication offerings by transitioning Windows Live Messenger users over to Skype. The company also finished moving all of its Hotmail users to the new Outlook.com platform this week, coinciding with the retirement of the Hotmail brand.

Story of the Week

Apple was quick to the mobile game, but with each passing day it finds itself being left behind with competing platforms that are regularly advancing. A lot has been said of the restraining nature of iOS, but now it seems that the fruity company is going to address this with a flatter design for version 7.

Statistics of the Week

The technology world lives and breathes the four colors of Windows. Despite the ascent of the various mobile platforms, despite the advancement of open source operating systems, and despite the arrival of smart devices, Windows still finds itself on more than nine out of ten computers, worldwide.

Statement of the Week

Windows 8 presents a bold new frontier for Microsoft and its quest to unify the mobile and desktop platforms together. The company’s COO Brian Kevin Turner is quick to acknowledge this, and was recently caught saying that Microsoft’s new operating system is reinventing the PC as we know it.

Speculation of the Week

It may still be early days, but Office 365 has already found raging success all over the world. Cloud-powered solutions are the in thing these days, and Microsoft is reportedly set to build upon this trend with the first cloud-based Windows operating system offering, codename Mohoro.

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