Week In Review (Apr 7 – Apr 11)

Growth of the Week The Windows Phone platform built some solid momentum in the last couple of years, but the mobile operating system now has a lot of heat. Sure, its market share is still small, but at the rate that it is growing, there is no telling where it might go. A 104 percent year-on-year growth is downright amazing.

Termination of the Week

Microsoft, obviously, cannot retire Windows XP, not for the millions of users that are still rocking the classic operating system. But the company has finally terminated support for the platform, at least for end users. Windows XP now joins the likes of Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and more. Adios!

Plan of the Week

There are not many that can deny the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 has been delayed from its previously reported schedule. Yes, it’s a mammoth update, full of new features, but the folks in Redmond are not stopping here. There are voices that the company is planning three more updates to the mobile OS.

Video of the Week

Considering just how popular computing technology is right now, there just is not enough content produced about the behind the scenes stuff. Documentaries? Films? Microsoft did some great fan service by producing this nice little short documentary about the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper.

Launch of the Week

It was delayed by a month, it leaked more than once, it was hyped up and it delivered. Windows 8.1 Update was finally released this week, and it further refines Microsoft’s flagship operating system by rounding up the corners, while at the same time laying the groundwork for Windows 9.]]>

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