Week In Review (Apr 8 – Apr 12)

Oh boy, the plot keeps on thickening. The biggest news story this week was towards the end when both IDC and Gartner released their PC sales and shipment analysis for the first quarter of the year. And the feeling is no different from early January this year with several fingers being pointed at Windows 8.

But that was not all, folks. Here are the five gems of the past five days:

Data of the Week

More like damning of the week. The PC industry saw its sharpest decline in recent memory (maybe even of all time), when it posted double digit negative percentages. IDC says shipments were down approximately 14 percent, while Gartner has figures of 11 percent. Either way, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Tumble of the Week

More like trip of the week. Microsoft may primarily be a software company, but its fortunes are intertwined deep within the hardware business as well. The lackluster showing of the PC industry took its toll when analysts caused a bit of a panic sell. The company’s shares saw a fall of nearly 4 percent.

Rumor of the Week

More like twaddle of the week. All eyes are currently on Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1, what have you), but that is not stopping people speculating about the release date of Windows 9. The perennially hit or miss DigiTimes keeps some interesting friends who suggest that Windows 9 is set for this October.

Launch of the Week

More like fling of the week. Microsoft likes to keep most of its promises. Particularly if they concern blasting friendly neighborhood competitors like Google. Redmond came back with sheer vengeance this week and initiated a new Scroogled campaign that takes aim at how Google distributes apps.

Goodbye of the Week

More like adieu of the week. Windows XP, Windows Live Messenger, Internet Explorer 6 and Office 2003 could are all set to join the pages of history as Microsoft shuts down the lights for these products and services that defined the last decade. All four served their purpose well, up until their farewell.

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