Week In Review (Aug 11 – Aug 15)

Activity of the Week The ALS awareness campaign is charting new heights. Company heads from Apple to WWE have taken the ice bucket challenge, and donated to the cause. For Microsoft, things began with CEO Satya Nadella, but the one video worth watching is from Bill Gates, with his panache for creativity and flair for drama.

Upgrade of the Week

Windows 98 saw daylight on June 25. 1998, of course. But it appears that this vintage old operating system was still powering an airport in United States. The administration very recently decided to upgrade. To which platform, you ask? Why Windows XP, obviously, what else?

Project of the Week

Microsoft enjoys a truly global presence in a number of countries. And the company is keen on expanding this with news of a brand new mega headquarters in Ireland. Fingers crossed we get news of some Microsoft Store locations opening across key markets around the globe too.

Features of the Week

Windows Phone app developers finally got access to a much demanded feature. The ability to reply to user app reviews directly. After a successful test run, Microsoft announced the general availability of this feature. Something like this for the Windows Store would also be welcome, one can make a case.

Capability of the Week

Your move, Google. While Microsoft is steadily improving Bing, the company is, at the same time, adding new features to the search engine. The latest one to go live is the capability to converse, quite similar to how Cortana, the digital voice assistant works. Job well done.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan

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