Week In Review (Dec 1 – Dec 5)

Purchase of the Week Microsoft may have slowed down big purchases, but the company made another notable acquisition after Minecraft. Acompli, the developer of a cross-platform mobile email solution was welcome into the family, after the software titan closed the deal north of $200 million.

Forecast of the Week

The Windows Phone platform has had its ups and downs, but after the lull of the past years, things are finally moving in the right direction. IDC, the ever uplifting market research firm predicts that sales of the platform will triple by 2018, becoming the only major mobile platform to post significant growth.

Break of the Week

Sprint and their enigmatic policies continue. The third largest wireless carrier network in the United States officially confirmed that it is taking a bit of a breather from the Windows Phone platform, but has promised a return from the break soon. Probably around the launch of Windows Phone 10. Perplexing.

Comment of the Week

Huawei are one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world, but even with the weight behind it, the company has bowed out of the Windows Phone race. Company executives even revealed that nobody is making any money with Microsoft’s mobile operating system, confusing as it sounds.

Rumors of the Week

There are people that absolutely adore the Xenon flash that adored some of the best Nokia imaging flagship smartphones. They will be disappointed to hear reports claiming that the successor to the popular Lumia 1020 lacks such a feature. Let’s hope Microsoft offers a suitable replacement.]]>

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