Week In Review (Feb 18 – Feb 22)

While the Surface Pro may not exactly be hogging up store shelves in retail outlets right now, it surely has dominated the headlines this week. The news did not stop there though — in between we heard several bits about the rumored Windows Blue, and Redmond products Skype, as well as Outlook.com.

Here is a brief little rundown of some of the biggest stories this week:

Poll of the Week

Remember when Microsoft was the coolest technology company on the planet? Then Google, Apple, Facebook and happened. But Redmond’s new change of direction is finally bringing its mojo back. Results of a recent survey indicate that Microsoft is now considered, what you may call, cool. Cool!

Interview of the Week

There is never a dull moment in hearing what important Linux developers feel about the Windows operating system, particularly Windows 8. We got another such opportunity recently when a bigwig Linux personality, in an interview, termed Microsoft’s latest a jarring experience. Hey, I said it was fun!

Video of the Week

Surface Pro does not induce buyers to create as many video reviews, unboxing recordings and other such clips right now (probably because most are still looking to get their hands on one), but this video shows Microsoft’s premier slate being powered by Apple’s Mac OS X. Oh, the sheer joys of technology.

Reflection of the Week

Bill Gates may not be a regular Microsoftie, but he still maintains an important position in the company. The former CEO of the software giant recently shared his thoughts on Microsoft’s perceived mistakes in the mobile arena, as well as his views on future innovation from Redmond.

Number of the Week

The Windows Store is steadily (and somewhat slowly) building its apps portfolio. It whizzed past an attractive figure of 42,000 unique apps early this week, though statistics show that new app submission is nowhere near as large as it was say, towards the end of last year.

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