Week In Review (Jan 14 – Jan 18)

This week is the proverbial calm before the storm. The storm, in this case, is the release of Surface Pro. Or Surface with Window 8 Pro as Microsoft likes to label it. Whatever you call it, industry insiders believe the new premium tablet is set to hit stores shelves right before the end of the month. So expect more news and updates on that elite slate as it nears its release.

That’s not to say this week was flat — quite the contrary. Here are the top bits and bytes:

Adventure of the Week

Steven Sinofsky posted a tweet using an iPhone, and the technology world went wild — for a while at least. Such was the furor that the former Windows boss had to explain his decision for trying out rival products. Studying the competition has never seemed more fun since.

Endorsement of the Week

Several company executives have chipped in with their thoughts on Windows 8. But reading an opinion from a current (and unnamed) Microsoft employee is something special. According to him/her Windows 8 will get better with time. This is what we all have been saying, my good fellow!

Ranking of the Week

Microsoft has its digital digits dabbed in pretty much everything technology, from operating systems, to business software, cloud computing to gaming. And just like an innovative company should, the Redmond giant is knee deep in research, finishing the year as the sixth highest patent winner. Bravo!

Cool Factor of the Week

There was a time (long ago in technology years) when any computers were considered cool. Then Microsoft and Apple happened and usability took over coolness. Apple got back in the cool factor game with the release of iPhone, but the teens of today finally started to think Microsoft is cooler.

Good News of the Week

It took a while, but Windows 8 finally snuck past the 2 percent mark. This number could potentially rise very fast as we prepare for the imminent arrival of Surface Pro, and hardware manufacturers start bringing several hardware devices and computers in the coming months.

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