Week In Review (Jan 21 – Jan 25)

A week filled with numbers and financial statistics? I’ll take it. This past week was all earnings as a lot of companies revealed their fourth quarter and yearly results, including Nokia and Microsoft. And oh, we also learned a little thing that about the release date of Surface Pro.

Here are the top news stories that defined this week:

Report of the Week

Financial report, that is. Microsoft finally reported revenue for Q4 2012, which came in at $21.46 billion with a net profit of $6.38 billion. A few divisions leaked money, though, and once again, the company stopped shy of providing details of how many Surface RT tablets it managed to sell.

Comeback of the Week

Nokia reported a return to profitability when it released its fourth quarter results, with sales of over 4.4 million Lumia devices in the final quarter of 2012. The company also ruled out plans for any Android adventures, saying it will stick with the Windows Phone platform.

Person of the Week

If there is one guy who was in the news all week, it was CEO Steve Ballmer. When he is not absorbing criticism from analysts, former employees and business partners, the guy is busy buying basketball teams. Mr. B was also heard from on Microsoft’s financial results press release.

Indecision of the Week

Decisions, decisions! While Surface RT is gearing up for distribution in 13 more European countries soon, one thing that has perplexed Microsoft is what to do about the jailbreak that was released for the tablet. Redmond is still busy in deep thought as these words are being typed.

Number of the Week

The Windows Phone platform has finally started to build some much needed momentum, particularly in Europe where it doubled its market share. US and China is another story however, but with numerous new smartphones planned for the year, these two regions could soon join in the fun.

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