Week In Review (Jan 28 – Feb 1)

Like day turns into night, the hype for Surface Pro grows as the release date of Microsoft’s deluxe tablet approaches. While the company is playing its card close to its heart (for now) when it comes to the slate, it still had an eventful week with long-awaited releases of Office 2013 and Windows Phone 7.8.

Here is a roundup of the stories and narratives of the week gone by.

Appearance of the Week

Bill Gates never fails to turn heads when he makes public appearances. He recently appeared on The Colbert Report. In his brief time on the show touched on everything from his time at Microsoft to Steve Jobs, while confirming how much of a geek he was. Cool customer, this fellow!

Loophole of the Week

Intentional, accidental or droopiness? While the company’s special Windows 8 promotion, Microsoft is still running its $14.99 upgrade offer for people who bought a new PC with Window 7. A loophole was unearthed that allowed anyone to join in for the fun with a little invention. Needless, to say, it’s closed.

Comment of the Week

Rarely a dull moment when Steve Ballmer is the one doing the talking. CEO of Microsoft was in a hulking mood this week with the release of Office 2013, and when asked, labeled Dropbox as a tiny startup — in a totally serene way, obviously, 100 million users and all.

Bummer of the Week

You don’t usually associate low key with Microsoft, but if reports are to be believed, the company is planning a modest event for the launch of its luxury tablet, Surface with Windows 8 Pro in NYC. February 9 is not all that far away, we will know for sure soon enough, I guess.

Estimate of the Week

If there is one thing the world needs more of is estimates. Particularly if they are as good as iSuppli and their guesstimate of 750,000 units sold of Surface RT. With some radically fluctuating numbers been thrown around, this is as close as we will get, unless Redmond itself floats up a number.

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