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Week In Review (Jul 7 – Jul 11)

Measures of the Week A whole new operating system, and a whole new activation system. Microsoft plans on making software piracy a thing of the past, with reports that Windows 9 will come with new ways to activate. You can read up on the details, but it does sound much stronger than the current system. On paper, at least.

Technology of the Week

Maybe it has to do with the insane leaps that computing technology makes every season, but the high end of the mobile market has been stagnant for a while now. Microsoft looks all set to change this with recent reports that at least two 3D Touch Windows Phones are primed for arrival this year.

Strategy of the Week

They said that it might take him six months to chart a new course, and Satya Nadella has slowly, yet steadily, started stamping his authority at the software titan. In a public email to employees, the new Microsoft CEO talked in detail the future plans, and his sketches of a new Microsoft.

Rumor of the Week

When Mary Jo Foley talks, the world listens. The regular Microsoft watcher, with pretty much an impeccable record, shared some details about the Surface Mini launch, claiming that the anticipated tablet will only launch in 2015, around the time the touch version of Office is on the market.

Statistics of the Week

The PC hardware industry has been waiting for some good news for a while now, and the retirement of Windows XP promised much. However, while the quarterly figures delivered an improvement, the market fell just short of growth, recording a decline of 1.7%. Close enough, close enough.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan

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