Week In Review (July 27 – Aug 2)

The biggest news this past week was undoubtedly the revamp and bright new redesign of the website. Elsewhere, the world of Windows was made up of rumors, reports, and other such news. Primary among it all stood SkyDrive, with the cloud service getting a name change along with new features.

Here are the biggest news stories of the week:

Story of the Week

Who would have thought the simplest of stories would have such an impact? Microsoft, for the second time in recent memory, ended up on the losing side of a trademark barrel. The word Sky in SkyDrive irked UK media provider BSkyB. The end result being that Microsoft has decided to change the name.

Release of the Week

The regular public preview version of Windows 8.1 dominated the headlines these past few weeks. Microsoft decided to unleash the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview out in the wild, while at the same time urging businesses and organizations to plan their deployment of the new OS.

Rivals of the Week

Keeping in mind the sheer size of Microsoft and the various markets it competes in, its list of corporate rivals is a long one. Google and Apple are the direct ones, but there are plenty of smaller companies. A list was revealed recently that showed the seven companies Microsoft does not want Sinofsky to join.

Rumor of the Week

This is something you may have heard plenty of times before, but talk about Nokia launching its own Windows powered tablet is an old one. Now the rumor is that the Finnish telecommunication titan is ready to unveil its new slate at an event in New York City on September 26.

Statistics of the Week

It has been a while since Windows 8 statistics have occupied a place in this column, but Microsoft’s new flagship platform has now said to have grabbed a marker share of no less than 5.42 percent. Still a long way to go, and Redmond would be hoping the upcoming upgrade has its say in increasing this figure.

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