Week In Review (Jun 23 – Jun 27)

Milestone of the Week I admit 255,000 does look a little odd in headlines, but the Window Phone Store finally crossed the quarter of a million apps mark. Now as far as captions go, that is front page stuff. This information comes directly from Microsoft, along with the confirmation of more than 10 million downloads a day.

Forewarning of the Week

Politics, like it or not, affects all spheres of life, including technology. With government spying already starting to negatively impact US based technology companies and cloud providers, Microsoft, once again, reiterated the need of regulations and policy changes on this very important matter.

Codename of the Week

Unification seems to be the hallmark of Microsoft at the moment, and this extends to the codenames of future operating systems too. Word came out that Windows Phone Threshold is the name of the next version of the mobile platform. No pointers as to what features it would bring, though.

Research of the Week

Don’t you just wish that everything (well, apart from food) just came with a positioning system? Well that is still stuff of science fiction, but the research development at Microsoft is close to completely development of an indoor positioning system. Without the need of satellite signals, and all that.

Feature of the Week

Google Docs has gone native. The search engine giant took care of one very important shortcoming of its suite of productivity applications by enabling support for Microsoft Office formats directly. And by the look of things, the company seems pretty ding dang glad about it.]]>

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