Week In Review (Mar 11 – Mar 15)

What a dry and dreary little week for Microsoft. Not much to do with either Windows 8 or Surface, unless you include analyst commentary and failed bug fixes. Other than that one of Microsoft’s datacenter went down recently taking several services down with it for a fair while. Yup, dry and dreary.

Here is a selection of the big stories this past week, straight off the oven:

Job Posting of the Week

If there is one thing Redmond has mastered in recent times it is the art of secrecy. Learning from the best in the business, I am sure. It wasn’t long ago when Microsoft announced its intentions of new products well before development. A job posting is the best we get these days, for Windows 9.

Bashing of the Week

Guess what is Samsung’s newest hobby? Criticizing Windows 8, that’s what. Executives from the company have publicly bashed Windows 8 not once, but twice this week. A sign of things to come? You be the judge.

Forecast of the Week

Forecasts are always interesting, whether they come true or not. IDC has a pretty decent track record for technology forecasts, and the research firm released its slate speculations this week. Analysts at IDC believe Microsoft could potentially grab 10 percent of the tablet market.

Outage of the Week

Microsoft has a built a reputation for reliability when it comes to its online services, but the past year or so it has suffered some heavy outages. Hotmail and Outlook.com along with a couple of other services became the latest as they went down this week, leaving users worldwide without access.

Skirmish of the Week

Just how much Google loves Microsoft (and vice versa) is known to all. The Internet giant has in recent years been very cautious of the software titan’s foray into hardware. In another sign of distrust, the company kept Windows out of its Gmail Web update. Microsoft’s got a reply to its Scroogled campaign.

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